Hey there! Bri is the name, skateboarding, snowboarding and ice hockey are my life *LETS GO PENS!* My boyfriend is beyond amazing. <3
If you have enough strength to help yourself, you have enough strength to help those in need. Never pass up an opportunity.


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."—H.P. Lovecraft

Why hockey fans are arguably the best fans in sports (and hockey in general)


• We will stay up till 2:00am to see our team win, and we are talking about during the week

•Screw timezones, if we wanna watch, we gon’ watch

•We are one gigantic family and are willing to help each other out

•A whole country stopped working to see them win gold

•One player gets hurt we all hold hands to pray

•Our league is the first league to openly accept other sexualities

•We legit sacrificed our social lives to hockey